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TPCA Notification of Collection and Protection of Personal Data and Privacy Statement


TPCA Notification of Collection and Protection of Personal Data and Privacy Statement

Taiwan Printed Circuit Association(TPCA) respects your personal privacy and endeavors to protect your personal information. To better understand how we collect, utilize and protect your personal information, please read carefully TPCA Privacy and Information Security Protection Policies appended below. They will help you understand the policies and principles of TPCA when collecting, utilizing and protecting the personal data in the process of rendering services to you. 

Scope of Application 

The following Privacy Protection Policies shall be applicable to the collection, utilization and protection of personal information provided by you directly when you are engaged in business contacts or attending various activities organized by the Association (for example, participating in shows, exhibitions, seminars or courses; enrollment as a member or subscription of e-paper, etc.)

A. Methods of Information Collection

The personal information retained by TPCA shall be the personal information provided by you when you become a member or an exhibitor of TPCA, or when you engaged in other marketing activities. TPCA shall collect your personal information in conformity with the specific purposes and utilization scope permitted by the competent authority, and shall ensure compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act.
(1) Purposes of the Information Collection: The purpose of collecting your personal information by the Association is to provide you with follow-up industrial trends / company information, services and information on various activities. The specific purposes are:
1. 090 Consumer and customer management and services.
2. 069 Contractual, quasi-contractual and other legal relationship matters.
(2) Types of Personal Information Collected: Your personal information collected and used by the Association shall include your name, photo, employer, job position, department, e-mail, company address, company Telephone number, mobile phone number, status of the current employer, clubs and other important personal experience, etc. They may involve the following classifications:
1. Identification: C001 (For identifying individuals)
2. Features: Co11 (Description of individuals)
3. Social Status: C037 (Membership in a charity organization or other groups), C038 (Occupation).
4. Education, examinations, technical or other professional expertise: C051 (School records), C054 (Professional expertise).
5. Employment Status C061 (Current status of employment), C062 (Past employment), C064 (Work experience) .
(3) The Periods, Areas, Subjects and Methodologies for Collecting, Processing, Utilizing and International Transmission of the Personal Data:
A. Period: Unless otherwise stipulated by law or agreed in a contract, such activities shall be conducted within the duration of the specific purposes.
B. Areas: The areas shall include the territory of the Republic of China, other related areas for achieving the purposes of information collection, processing and utilization, as well as the areas where the contracted agency or consultant of the Association is located.
C. Subjects: The subjects shall include the Association; the competent authority, organization or associations responsible for supervising the purposes of collecting activities; as well as any third parties that are permitted to receive the information according to the regulations or as agreed by you.
D. Methodologies: The information shall be utilized through automatic machines or other non-automatic methodologies, including, but not limited to digital files (including transmissions through computers, electronic methods or facsimile) and hard copies.

B. Storage and Safekeeping of the Information 

Your personal information shall be carefully stored and controlled in the data base of TPCA. The information shall be acquired and used in compliance with the Information Access Authorization Guidelines of TPCA. Unauthorized individuals shall be rejected by the system in the authority verification process and shall by no means access to your personal information.

C. Information Security and Protection 

To ensure the confidentiality, integrity and usability of your personal information, TPCA processes all data encryption through an international security/authentication mechanism, which is supported by firewalls, intrusion detection and virus protection mechanisms to prevent illegal intrusions or damage from malicious software. In other words, TPCA has implemented the most comprehensive technologies to ensure comprehensive protection of your personal information.

D. Scope of the Information Utilization 

TPCA shall collect the personal information in accordance with the scope agreed by you in the relevant application form or contracts when doing business with the Association. The information shall be used by TPCA for rendering services or organizing activities based on the specific purposes and scopes explained therein. In the case that TPCA needs to engage vendors, the Association shall request the vendors to strictly follow the relevant regulations and provisions on personal data confidentiality. TPCA shall by no means provide, exchange or sell your personal information to any other individuals/juristic persons or use the information for other purposes, if such activities are not in compliance with the relevant regulations or agreed by you. However, this shall not apply to situations when the information is requested through official and lawful procedures by the judicial authority or other competent authority.

E. Amendments to the Information. 

You may update your personal information, if necessary, through the questionnaire survey to members at each year end. You are also welcomed to contact TPCA by phone at any time. We will update the information for you accordingly. Furthermore, you are also entitled to exercise the following rights on TPCA in writing at any time, using the methodologies agreed by the Association:
1. Enquiring or requesting to review the information.
2. Requesting for a reproduced copy.
3. Requesting for adding or amending the information.
4. Requesting to discontinue collecting, processing or using the information.
5. Requesting for cancellation of the information.
6. Refusing to use the information for marketing purposes.

F. Amendment of the Policies 

The policies shall be amended from time to time to accommodate to the regulatory requirements, social changes and technology development. To safeguard your rights and interest, please visit the website of TPCA and read the Privacy Statement where possible.

G. Providing the Information at Your Own Discretion 

You may provide your personal information to the Association at your own discretion. However, if you refuse to provide the information or are providing any incorrect information to the Association, you will not be able to receive our follow-up services or notice of activities on a continuous basis, which may adversely impact your rights and interests.

I confirm and agree with the following matters:

The above Advice and Privacy Statement are issued by your Association in accordance with the requirements stipulated in Article 8 of the Personal Data Protection Act and contains the information relating to the collection of my personal information.

With regard to the methods for collecting, processing and utilizing my personal information, I hereby agree that they may be conducted by way of electronic documents, including the following (ticked): By ticking the "I Agree" box, I acknowledge that I have expressed my written consent after reading the information advised by your Association in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

I hereby agree that your Association may, within the above-mentioned scope, collect, process, internationally transmit and utilize my personal information.